My Second Life


My real life name is Annette Pohlke and I live in Germany. In Second Life I am known as Max Bergson.

I have a book on Second Life out now. If you can read German, you can order it from my publisher. Or you can pick up a free chapter in world at the Rheinische Fachhochschule.

I also wrote my Master Thesis in Intercultural Education at the Free University Berlin on education in Second Life. You can download the abstract (in German) and thesis (in English) here

My other degree is a Magistra in History and Theology.

I am an administrator and coder for a free online game, the Star Wars Combine, if you like Star Wars you should check it out. There - and in a few other virtual worlds and communities - I am known as Jennifer Dreighton or just Dreighton.

My profile at LinkedIn.