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Meet the Maya - in SL

By admin | August 9, 2007

maya1.jpgI went to a wonderful showing of some documentations my Usu Ventura at the New Globe’s theater last week. I was just too busy to blog when it happened. He shot wonderful material about the Maya in Mexico and Guatemala. He talked to archelogogists and was there when they unearthed old wall paintings and shared this with us. But the pictures documenting the life, history and fight of the Maya people today was even more beautiful and impressive.

maya2.jpgI had visited his Maya site in SL before, a pyramid built after the “Temple of Inscriptions”. Now he topped this. He is working on a new build, bigger and more beautiful than the old one, floating in the air. It is not fully completed yet, but you should still check it out. And to quote Usu: “Visit Chiapas!”


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