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Education Place of the Day: Star Trek Museum Complex

By admin | Juli 23, 2007

stscience0.jpgThere has been a time in my life when I was a devoted trekkie, so I just couldn’t resist this site: The Star Trek Museum Complex. I was very curious what I would find.

stscience5.jpgThe complex houses the Star Trek Museum of Science, Star Trek Museum of Culture and additional installations, e.g. a holodeck. The Museum of Science concentrates on technology and the physical Star Trek universe, while the Museum of Culture explores the impact of Star Trek on our popular culture as well as various cultures and cultural norms within Star Trek (e.g. the Vulcan philosophy as it was shaped by Surak).

stscience1.jpgYou enter the museum in style, matrializing on a transporter pad. A walk through the building quickly reveals that this museum is indeed more about Star Trek than it is about science. So does it even belong here? Is this education or entertainment?

stscience2.jpgI was wondering this during my visit. A minute later, I realized that I would not hesitate a minute to include a place created in the image of Verona, providing informatioon on Shakespear’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Actually this is pretty close to what the “Literature Alive” program in Second Life - which I really should pay a visit, the sooner the better - does.

Now to some comparing Shakespear to Star Trek is blasphemy, others will agree that you can only appreciate Shakespear once you read the Klingon original. So I decided to present the place here and leave it up to the reader, if they find it worth visiting.

stscience4.jpgI had another reason to include this place: No matter of the content, it is still a museum, presenting another creative approach to the problem of how a museum on Second Life could look like. And in this respect this place does remarkably well. It is packed with information and creates an environment that captures the look and feel of Star Trek. It is mostly a replication of how a real life museum would look like, but some details made a very clever use of available Second Life features. If, for example, you click onto one of the books on the shelf taht you can see here, you will be given a notecard with a short abstract of the articel and - where this is available - you will be directly linked to a pdf version available on the net.

Finding all this information from and about Star Trek and presenting it so nicely is a true labour of love and I enjoyed my visit to this place a lot.

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