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Mobile clients for Second Life?

By admin | Juli 19, 2007

The AJAX client made got me interested in alternative clients for Second Life and I was really curious to hear about a mobile client for Second Life. I found few resources regarding mobile clients. Now I have to agree with what someone else already stated: “I’m not sure I need an “immersive” experience on my mobile device.” Yet I am delighted to see how Second Life spurs creativity.

Here are a few links, if you are interested:

Second Life for Nokia n800 (seems to be limited so far, mostly for sending and receiving IMs):

Articel I
Articel II

There is supposedly another mobile client by Comverse, but I wasn’t abe toload the Comverse page to find out more. At least here is a blog entry about it:


I didn’t read all commentaries careful enough (big mistake!), the “Nokia n800 client” is actually VNC server and client that are used to make the desktop from the laptop appear on the mobile. :-(

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