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SecondLife client for the web, using AJAX

By admin | Juli 10, 2007

Everyone is talking about it by now, but as this is the most amazing, innovative and useful improvement to anything connected with Second Life, I have to write about it as well.

The webbased client allows you to log into your Second Life account, teleport, send and receive IMs and chat. It runs smoothly with Firefox 2, there are still minor problems with other browsers. It is probably best to consider the available version an early alpha, but this all pales compared to the potentila this application has.

And if this isn’t enough: It was all thrown together by a 15 year old girl who felt bored on the weekend. Oh my god! It brings tears to my eyes.

Why is this so brilliant? To begin with, I am intrigued by the technical details. It was time that someone tried something like this. But then it would be so helpful to have such a tool. My work in Secodn Life is seriously hampered by the fact that I can not be available there more often. Yet my main computer is a Mac Mini - not good for running the official viewer. Same if I am using my iBook, but it does even better than the Mini. So I have to choose if I want to go into Second Life - which I usually do on our gaming only Windows machine - or work on my Mac Mini. With this little tool I could work, yet be able to talk to people in Second Life. So to me this is a godsent.

It is not working perfectly yet, I hope this will be fixed. Also the server is currently not able to handle the load created by the many people that want to try it. So be patient, if you want to check it out for yourself.


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(Also a few screenshots, I failed to take some and now the server seems to be down again.)

Story at Reuter’s

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