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Education place of the day: Dresden Gallery

By admin | Juli 9, 2007

zwinger1.jpgThis place is really remarkable. It is a completely accurate replica of the art museum at Dresden.

zwinger2.jpgI am very sceptical about the many things that are advertised as the first something in Second Life, but this is probably the first exact replication of a complete real life museum, and a major one in Second Life. The building job itself was done in an amazing quality by Anshe Chung. The quality of the textures is remarkable, demonstrating what can be accomplished in Second Life with the right resources.

zwinger3.jpgI visited this place in real life a long time ago, before the reunification. I can not remember all details and some that I vividly remember - the smell, the strange taste of some cake at the cafeteria - can not be reproduced in Second Life, yet I did recognize some of the paintings.

zwinger4.jpgThe site is simply spectacular and a real must in Second Life, at least from my point of view, and no matter, if you have a love for old paintings or not.


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