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Education place of the day: Globe Theater on Renaissance Island

By admin | Juni 14, 2007

renaissanceisland1.jpgRennaissance Island - at first sight - i s a nice, even if not exactly breathtaking place. Prim sheep are scattered all around a late medieval, somewhat rural town. The houses are for rent and when I visited it the place was rather quiet.
renaissanceisland2.jpgYet it has some appeal, if you take a closer look. The requests for donations that you can find are set in a tone to match the area, rather asking for a humble donation to “build a palace for our queen” than to “help with the upkeep of this sim”. Very nice! But the real attraction you will only find when walking to the south-eastern corner of the sim: The famous Globe Theater! You can walk around, walk in, take a seat - just that is a lot of fun.


Occasionally there are events on Renaissance Island. Tomorrow (June 15th) night you have the chance to watch a historical debate between Katherine of Aragon and Ann Boleyn, the first and second wife of Henry VIII. The event starts at 5 pm SLT.


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