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Education place of the day: WPA poster exhibition on Eduserv Island

By admin | Juni 13, 2007

I guess I won’t really make this a daily feature, but I come across so many nice museums, libraries, exhibitions and tutorials in SL thawt I decided to collect them not necessarily systematically, but at least more regular.

wpa1.jpgMy pick of the day is the WPA poster exhibition on Eduserv Island. The exhibition is rather small but excellent by giving comprehensive information not just about the posters shown, but also the work of the WPA in general.

wpa2.jpgAs a European I appreciated this little insight of what the “New Deal” was about, adding flesh and blood to something that I only knew by name so far. If you want more, you can follow the link to the whole collection of WPA posters available at the website of the Library of Congress. Excelent!



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