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Education in Second Life - Links from my presentation

By admin | Juni 10, 2007

I gave a small presentation about education in Second Life last Friday at the “Second Life Stammtisch”. With search being down I had difficulties to get all the SLURLs together, so I promissed to add them in my blog asap. So here they are, and a few more links concerning education in Second Life.


The essentials

Official page on education in Second Life from Linden Lab
Home of the Educators in Second Life mailinglist
Second Life Education Wiki


Sarah Robbins (”Intellagirl”)
Beth Ritter-Guth (Desideria Stockton)
Bernd Schmitz (Bernd Celt)

Places and projects from my presentation

“Virtual Worlds, Real Learning” symposium (EduServ Foundation; URL)
“Second Life Best Practices in Education” conference (URL)
Virtual Starry Night - Vincent’s Second Life (Van Gogh Museum)
German Tutorial by Funaria Moose
Rheinische Fachhhochschule Köln
Volkshochschule Goslar in SL (SLURL)
Volkshochschule Goslar in SL (URL)

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