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Let There Be Light!

By admin | Juni 6, 2007

windlights1.jpgNo Second Life Blog these days would be complete without an entry about WindLight. Scrolling through the SL galleries at Flicks, it looks like at least half of the SL population is spending 14 hours a day now to take picture of every imaginable landscape with every imaginable WindLight setting. It really is the latest crazy.
At the same time it can not be overlooked that there is a certain discontent with the community over the purely cosmetic nature of the most important recent upadtes to SL: Sculpties and Windlight. Yet is it fair to moan about this when the “outdated” graphics of Second Life have been brought up again and again and in recent media coverage, when SL had been compared infavourable with other computer games repeatedly? Linden Lab is proud of the innovative potential its product has to offer, they can not afford to look old.
Of course this boils down to the fact that LL is more interested in what the media, the general public, in other words: “outsider” think about Second Life than what the community cares for, something that has also been crticised, not just regarding sculpties and WindLight, but also regrading a recent and rather unpopular official statement by LL regarding sex and violence.

windlights2.jpgBack to WindLight. I am at the same time as excited as everyone else, yet disappointed at the same time. As soon as I started using Windlight, it becomes hard to go back to the standard version, the colors that at a first log in seem to be far too colourful become addictive amazingly fast. Soon this will be the look that Second Life will be identified with. (This also means that at least the visuals of my book will be outdated, before it reaches the shops. Tough luck. At least I am confident that the text will stay up to date somewhat longer.) Yet the results are less than perfect for me, water looks plain horrible, and I do not know yet, if the settings or my graphics card is to blame. We will see, if Second Life with WindLight will eventually be the one application that will be the final straw on my computer’s back. It’s not just that water isn’t rendered nicely, I can feel how the old machine is working hard under the additional workload, yet I come back to take more of these shots, as crazy about them as anyone else.

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