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From the Best Practice Conference

By admin | Mai 25, 2007


I missed some presentations that may be interesting, but my RL put a firm grip on me.

bestpractice2.jpgBy chance I ended up in the presentation of Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer from the British Council - and regretted that I didn’t see it all, but the title had not appealed to me. So this was a nice surprise. Big thanks to the presenters for making the slides available online!

bestpractice3.jpgI then attended a presentation by Josephin Dorado and Dan Winckler on the “Kids connect” project. The project was mostly based on performance/theater games and was run in New York and Amsterdam in parallel. In Second Life students from both groups met, video footage from both groups was streamed into SL and the students built a city in Second Life that was supposed to share characteristics of both their home towns, encouraging students to explore the cities they live in, work creatively with what they find and share their experience and their work with others. Very instructiv presentation!

bestpractice4.jpgThe last presentation I saw was from Beth Ritter-Guth on teaching English/American literature in Second Life. While the other two presentations where given on audio, Beth used chat, and I even liked it better, as it will be automatically logged and I can scroll up and down. Beth was mainly interested in strating a dialogue with the audience, which worked very well in the end. I appreciated all the day to day business of education (how to get funds, how to get suitable builds or scripts) that were touched as a result.

bestpractice5.jpgThen I took a stroll to see the vendors and boothes that were set up and was impressed by which and how many educational institutions already have a presence in SL, some presented themselves very, very nicely.

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