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Exhibition opening: Ancient Egypt

By admin | Mai 31, 2009

Long time no blogging.

This is a life report from the opening of Jachmes Masala’s new Egyption exhibition that will introduce you to the finds at Gizah. No screenshots yet, sorry, I am on a crappy connectioon and a crappy machine atm, so I can’t take any screenshorts. I will supply some later.

The exhibition is quite impressive, set into one of the famous Egyption pyramids. Don’t mess with the light settings, leave it in the dark and take a torch from the red box at the entry. Wear it and enter the darkness.

You can walk around and looks at various exhibits, which are usually object, clicking on them will give you a notecard, the ownly downside: Some are only available in German so far, but more are supposed to be available in both languages soon..

As I type Jachmes is giving us a tour through the exhibition, mostly explaining how she designed the exhibition and why SL is especially useful for creating it. Jachmes will give tours through the exhibition (in English and German, afaik), she has a profound knowledge and I advice you to catch one, if you get a chance. If I get more datails, I will put them here.

So if you want to take a look go here:

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