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Better communication: HTTP-IN

By admin | Oktober 16, 2008

I probably mentioned in one or the other blog entry that web to SL and SL to web communication is one of my main interests. So I was clearly delighted to read on Darien Caldwell’s blog that Linden Lab is about to start an open beta to test a new HTTP-IN functionallity. I used XML-RPC for one of my projects and it was an utter pain. I used email for another and discovered how unreliable email can be, if you use it to make two prims communicate, so I expect nothing less than a huge breakthrough, if HTTP-IN gets fully implemented. Darien must share this opinion, he calls it “the Next Big Thing” in his blog. It will make many existsing applications easier and hopefully more reliable to build and maintain. Probably it will create some brand new applications that link SL with the web.

Alas, it often takes month or even a year or more for a new feature to make it from testing to standard implementation, but this will be one worth waiting for.


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2 Responses to “Better communication: HTTP-IN”

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