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Fat Elf Project

By admin | Juni 25, 2008

This actually started as a joke when roleplaying with friends. I like to build SL avatars for my RPG characters. As I am artistically challenged (read: I can’t draw) it is a great way for me to get a better feel for them. But even aside of creating avatars for my RPG characters I much enjoy creating various looks for me in world.

Now I think my group didn’t like my latest work on my avatar as much as I had enjoyed working on it, but that lead to a discussion on stereotypical views on how characters from different character classes should look like (according to some gamers). In the end we had a great time joking around and finally I proclaimed I would build a “fat elf” avatar and put the picture up at deviantART.

I feel like this really isn’t anything you could put up at deviantART, but I had just too much fun to not share it at this point. Part of the fun was creating an avatar that looks different. Most human avatars in Second Life look stereotypically perfect - including some of mine, as I have to admit. I am not sure, if I will feel comfortable enough in this shape to wear my fat elf avatar more often, so the impact of my work in world may be limited. Still I see it as a small contribution to more diversity in my favorite virtual world.

Picture taken at Elven Forest, a really beautiful sim, so they deserve to be properly credited for the beautiful background.

SLURL: Elven Forest

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