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Second Life Status Display for Your Website

By admin | Juni 8, 2008

As you can see on the right, I added an in world status display to this blog. This way you can easily see, if I am in world or not. Maybe you even like it so much that you will want it for your own website or blog. If you do, you can drop me an IM message to Max Bergson or mail me at I sell single person solutions for 1000 L$ and full copy solutions that will allow you to display the status of as many users as you want on your page. What you must be able to provide to make it work:

- PHP on your webserver
- a place to set up a status server in world (just 1 prim)
- the key for all residents whos status you want to display on your page
- the ability to do some simple editing in PHP and HTML to paste the PHP code into your page and to edit the HTML code for the text or image displayed on your website.

The single person edition can be used for one resident on as many websites as you may have.

I am still looking for a way to make it available for those who do not have their own PHP server or no way to edit the code, so that it will be possible to include it on Facebook and other social sites, but I had to start somewhere. If you would be interested in purchasing such a solution you can drop me a line as well, it may motivate me to know that there is a demand for it.

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