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Is this photography?

By admin | Mai 12, 2008

AngelI always took great pleasure in taking screenshots from Second Life. It was one of the things I enjoyed a lot and spent a good deal of time on when I worked on my book, especially whenever I could go beyond purely illustrative shots that would help to explain the interface.

Since I developed a mild addiction to deviantART, taking screenshots in Second Life and sometimes modifying them with Photoshop annd posting them to my deviantART gallery became a new obsession. There is just one problem I inevitably face: Which category to select. 3D art? I usually go for this, but I feel like it doesn’t really apply. Work posted there usually covers 3D art you created, not a 2D screenshot taken in a 3D environment someone else built. Actually the closest I can think of is photography or (if photoshopping is involved) photo manipulation. I select the model, select the outfit and the setting, I take care of the light, the angle - all the things a photographer usually does.

If I made moving images, it would be machinima (not that there would be a category for it at deviantART either….), but as far as I know there is no label for similar work using still images yet. The work of Dena Dana comes closest to this, probably, but she also does original 3D art, working with screenshots from Second Life seems to be more a business to her, as she does all of it as comissioned work. Still I can’t stop admiring her work in this department.

Dena’s studio
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