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My Own Gallery

By admin | März 30, 2008

amanora1.jpgI’m back after focussing more on other activities for a while. I now set up my own gallery. Not so much because this is what I always wanted, but more as some kind of birthday gift for a friend. So far she hosts her artwork at Deviant Art ( and it was just so tempting to bring it into Second Life. Now linking Second Life with other web based application is one of my main interests, so I liked the idea to link Deviant Art with Second Life in some way. At the gallery you can buy the pictures in world, but you are also directed to the Deviant Art page where you can order a real life print of the picture. Of course it will also be possible to buy the pictures in Second Life through the web through SLExchange ( So you can then buy real life prints from Second Life and pictures in Second Life through the web. More options to access different services and products through Second Life may be added later, I will surely update my reader in time.

The current exhibition features Amanora’s fractal art, I may add more or change pictures after a while.


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