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AJAX - the Achille’s heel of OnRez Viewer?

By admin | Oktober 28, 2007

As Matthias Rückel observed (blogpost in German, sorry), Google tools will not work properly. I came across a similar problem with parts of the Star Wars Combine site, where some pages and tools will work fine, others won’t. Which pages and tools worked and which ones didn’t brought me to the conclusion that most likely AJAX is to blame. Or better: An incompatibility of the OnRez viewer with it. This would also explain, why - as reported by Matthias Rückel - a Wiki (most likely plain PHP) would work, while google documents (AJAX) won’t. I don’t know what difficulties Matthias observed, but for me individual elements of the page were misplaced, sometimes even outside the web window inside the OnRez Viewer. I am not that good with AJAX and didn’t dig deeper into the code of the pages concerned, but my best guess at that point is that it is a problem with the DOM model, maybe caused by the fact that now the webbrowser is no longer the top level window, but that it runs inside another widnow, the OnRez Viewer.

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