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OnRez Viewer, First Impression

By admin | Oktober 24, 2007

csi0.jpgI got it!

csi1.jpgWhen you first start up the OnRez Viewer, you will automatically be transported to the CSI Orientation Island. You will be warned that your home location will be changed and that you will have to change it back later. So when you log in, you will not just be introduced to the new browser, but also to the CSI murder mystery game.

To boil it down: I found both fun and refreshing and a wonderfull inspiration that can demonstrate the full potential of Second Life to create immersive and interactive experiences.

No, I didn’t solve my cases yet, I had to come here and blog first, but I am seriously working on the Venus case. :-)

I will probaby write some more on this cute little game later, for now I will stick to the new browser.

csi2.jpgAll in all, it is more evolution than revolution. Most things are remarkably familiar, yet a few features stand out. One of them immediately won my heart, and that is the integration of a webbroswer. This is still far from “HTML on a prim”, but still it makes a big change to the whole experience. Going to a webpage now no longer disrupts your Second Life experience, but just becomes a part of it.

csi3.jpgI can’t say much about the search feature yet, I know it was much anticipated, but at first glance it looks remarkably similar to the official viewer and only more systematic testing or long term use will reveal, if it really is superior to the standard viewer.

Everything feel just a little smoother, faster, more effortless, but I find it difficult to say, if the performance is really that much superior or if I am not rather fooled by the fresh look. It feel a bit like stepping into a new car. It makes you feel good, but if you are honest about it, it is mostly the unmistakable smell of a new car and the shiny finish that gives you this good feeling, not the actual performance.

Befor I will make a final judgement, I will have to drive this baby up and down the roads of SL a bit and wait for the new smell to fade. Still I can’t deny that it just feels good.

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