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CSI:SL - a new era for SL and television?

By admin | Oktober 22, 2007

On Octobre 24th a new episode of CSI:NY will go on air that wills end its audience to Secopnd Life to do soem inevstigation of their own - until the mystery will be solved - on TV again - in February 2008.

What can be expected is a wave of new residents coming in as soon as the episode went on air, obviously even new orientation islands have been set up, just for the purpose to deal with this extra load.

The airing of the epsiode is to coincide with the release of a new alternative SL client form the Electric Sheep company, anounnced as the OnRez Viewer. Details on its features can be found on the OnRez blog.

The browser will be preequipped to help users to investigate and solve the CSI case. Mor interetsing for long time users are additiopnal efatures, like better support for webpages inside the SL Viewer. This should not be confused with “HTML on a prim”, form screenshorts it is obvious that the webpages are displayed in a seperate window inside the viewer, still it is a feature that many users will surely appreciate.

That Electric Sheep is adding this feature is less of a surprise, if you know that they are also running one of the bigger and more successful Second Life online shops, (formerly known as SL Boutique). A better integartion of their shop with the SL Viewer is clearly one of the goals they are working on.

Judging by the quality of the services and products that Electric Sheep released so far, the new Viewer is surely something every SL user will want to check out.

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