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A visit at the Benjamin Center

By admin | Mai 24, 2007

cbc.jpgNot that long ago Verum’s Place, one of the better known places for all kind of educational activities in Second Life, got a bigger counterpart: The Charles Benjamin Center. Started with a focus on Intercultural Education, it moved to instructing teachers in and for Second Life. My best guess is that we have to blame the demand for educational content in Second Life for this that still focuses on in world skills, while RL skills are only gradually added to the spectrum. I was much disappointed when I found out that Verum Varica who runs the Charles Benjamin Center effectively had to cancel her promissing Diversity Festival that was planned for May of this year. Aside of a demand for mostly in world skill the concept was probably lacking insofar as it depended on long term commitment of its participants, another thing that is not very popular in SL yet.

The Charles Benjamin Center now offers resources for educators, most notably a directory of educational places in Second Life and some freebie tolls. So if you want to teach in Second Life and are looking for a place to get started, this may be a good place to go to.


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