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A Trip into Music

By admin | Oktober 20, 2007

pangaea6.jpgPangaea is all about music.

pangaea2.jpgThe currently featured artist is Herbie Hancock, if you visit Pangaea until early December you should check out the exhibition in the townhall and the video available at the theater. Yes, it is also a shameless advertisement for his latest album. But who cares in the end? The man is a living legend after all. I was told he also has an avatar and that he even got it, before he was asked to get one for PR. Nice.

pangaea3.jpgThere is another exhibition you may want to see. I have to admit that I didn’t know Maria Malibran before I first visited it. She lived in the early 19th century and is credited as “the first diva”. You may wonder, why they put the exhibition inside a truck, but the reason is simple: The truck (and its content) is the replication of a mobile exhibition that is currently touring RL. Europe, to be precise. (If you are interested, the touradtes and more about the exhibition can be found on this webpage.) If you can’t make it to any of the RL spots, Pangea Island may be an interesting alternative. I missed the real life thing by two weeks, all else I would have loved to compare the RL with the virtual exhibition. Neither the exhibition on Hancock nor on Mailbran are big, but I fould both fun to visit, especially as the last one introduced me to a person and phenomenon so far unknown to me.

pangaea4.jpgAn educational project in a more strict sense that is currently on display on Pangaea Island is the stage design project of the Joanneum, where students of Media and Interactivedesign first build a stage design in Second Life, then reproduced it in real life to use it for a performance that was mixing First and Second Life elements. Pictures and a video of the project as well as the original stage design are on display.

pangaea7.jpgThere is more to see on the island, I found it a nice place to explore. It has beautiful beaches, nice clubs that were sadly empty whenever I visted and strange and beutiful places - real or imagined - that are dear to my heart. When I walked up the Via Appia to find the House of the Rising Sun it felt like an inner landscape suddenly materialized right in front of my eyes, a strange and beautiful experience.


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