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Education place of the day: WWF Conservation Island

By admin | September 5, 2007

wwf1.jpgThe WWF recently opened its own island in SL and I decided to pay it a visit. The island is extremely beautiful and it is simply fun to explore. There is a very nice forest, animals can be found throughout the island and ambient sounds creates the right atmosphere. You will also find a number of freebies when searching the island. I will not list what can be found where, just explore for yourself.

wwf2.jpgWherever you go you will find signs you can click on that will direct you to further information on ecology, sustainability and preservation of natural resources. More in world information on some of these topics can be found in the small village. There you can also find a statue of a giant panda (the WWF’s mascot) where you can donate to the WWF.

Events are planned for the stage you can find near the seaside, one of the few things that tell you that this place is still rather new and is still a bit under constuction.

The only small detail that I didn’t like much was the fact that you were usually directed to the WWF website for more information instead of giving them in world. This could still be improved.

wwf3.jpgMost important, this is a truly beautiful place, one I would show to people to demonstrate the beauty of Second Life. This is well enough documented by the fact that I took way more pictures than I could put into this. Hopefully many people will go there, just to enjoy the landscape - and learn a few thing about sustainbility while they are there. A great way to package a topic that is often seen as difficult and rather unpleasent by many.


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