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AJAX - the Achille’s heel of OnRez Viewer?

Sonntag, Oktober 28th, 2007

As Matthias Rückel observed (blogpost in German, sorry), Google tools will not work properly. I came across a similar problem with parts of the Star Wars Combine site, where some pages and tools will work fine, others won’t. Which pages and tools worked and which ones didn’t brought me to the conclusion that most likely [...]

Presentation on Education in Second Life

Donnerstag, Oktober 25th, 2007

I was invited by Pedro Meya Marty to give a presentation on education in Second Life as part of one of their seminars. The focus was supposed to be on the potential use of Second Life for schools.
The whole event was of special interest to me, as they were able to provide a Shoutcast [...]

OnRez Viewer, First Impression

Mittwoch, Oktober 24th, 2007

I got it!
When you first start up the OnRez Viewer, you will automatically be transported to the CSI Orientation Island. You will be warned that your home location will be changed and that you will have to change it back later. So when you log in, you will not just be introduced to the new [...]

CSI:SL - a new era for SL and television?

Montag, Oktober 22nd, 2007

On Octobre 24th a new episode of CSI:NY will go on air that wills end its audience to Secopnd Life to do soem inevstigation of their own - until the mystery will be solved - on TV again - in February 2008.
What can be expected is a wave of new residents coming in as soon [...]

A Trip into Music

Samstag, Oktober 20th, 2007

Pangaea is all about music.
The currently featured artist is Herbie Hancock, if you visit Pangaea until early December you should check out the exhibition in the townhall and the video available at the theater. Yes, it is also a shameless advertisement for his latest album. But who cares in the end? The man is a [...]

The virtual world that started it all

Samstag, Oktober 13th, 2007

Well, at least for me.
Let me apologize before I start, this will be kind of lengthy.
Some time in spring 1998 I came across a website that was offering a free online game, browser based and set in the Star Wars universe. It promissed the option to play your own character in the world of Star [...]

A look at other virtual worlds: Gaia Online

Samstag, Oktober 13th, 2007

There was a threat in one of the IMVU forums that actually directed me to this one. The question was “Do you know other places like IMVU?”. I was surprised how little answers were posted there, it looks a lot like most people select their prefered world for one reason or the other and stick [...]