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A look at other virtual wolds: IMVU

Mittwoch, Juli 25th, 2007

I decided to give other virtual worlds a more systematic look. I started with IMVU, because I know someone who is using it. Now IMVU is less a virtual world than a 3D chat, and it is advertised as this. Yet it shares many features with Second Life. You can buy in game currency, you [...]

Education Place of the Day: Star Trek Museum Complex

Montag, Juli 23rd, 2007

There has been a time in my life when I was a devoted trekkie, so I just couldn’t resist this site: The Star Trek Museum Complex. I was very curious what I would find.
The complex houses the Star Trek Museum of Science, Star Trek Museum of Culture and additional installations, e.g. a holodeck. The Museum [...]

Education place of the day: EdTech - Exhibition

Freitag, Juli 20th, 2007

The current exhibition at the EdTech Center for Educational Gaming & Simulations deals with social issues in gaming and simulations. The exhibion consists of various Power Point presentations dealing with topics like identity in virtual realities, skills trained in games, gnere and gaming or gold farming.
A Power Point presentation usually looses a lot if [...]

Mobile clients for Second Life?

Donnerstag, Juli 19th, 2007

The AJAX client made got me interested in alternative clients for Second Life and I was really curious to hear about a mobile client for Second Life. I found few resources regarding mobile clients. Now I have to agree with what someone else already stated: “I’m not sure I need an “immersive” experience on my [...]

SecondLife client for the web, using AJAX

Dienstag, Juli 10th, 2007

Everyone is talking about it by now, but as this is the most amazing, innovative and useful improvement to anything connected with Second Life, I have to write about it as well.
The webbased client allows you to log into your Second Life account, teleport, send and receive IMs and chat. It runs smoothly with Firefox [...]

“Virtual Hallucination” Follow Up

Montag, Juli 9th, 2007

I April I wrote a short notice about the “Virtual Hallucination” site. Now I found another good article about it, one that is even more valuable as the author, Kourosh Dini, is a psychatrist himself.
Through this article I alos found another one on the New World Notes that has a lot of background [...]

Education place of the day: Dresden Gallery

Montag, Juli 9th, 2007

This place is really remarkable. It is a completely accurate replica of the art museum at Dresden.
I am very sceptical about the many things that are advertised as the first something in Second Life, but this is probably the first exact replication of a complete real life museum, and a major one in Second Life. [...]

Presentation video available

Mittwoch, Juli 4th, 2007

Thanks to MrTopf/Tao Takashi, a video recording of my presentation on education in Second Life is now available (still in German, sorry) at his blog site.