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Education place of the day: Globe Theater on Renaissance Island

Donnerstag, Juni 14th, 2007

Rennaissance Island - at first sight - i s a nice, even if not exactly breathtaking place. Prim sheep are scattered all around a late medieval, somewhat rural town. The houses are for rent and when I visited it the place was rather quiet.
Yet it has some appeal, if you take a closer look. The [...]

Education place of the day: WPA poster exhibition on Eduserv Island

Mittwoch, Juni 13th, 2007

I guess I won’t really make this a daily feature, but I come across so many nice museums, libraries, exhibitions and tutorials in SL thawt I decided to collect them not necessarily systematically, but at least more regular.
My pick of the day is the WPA poster exhibition on Eduserv Island. The exhibition is rather small [...]

Education in Second Life - Links from my presentation

Sonntag, Juni 10th, 2007

I gave a small presentation about education in Second Life last Friday at the “Second Life Stammtisch”. With search being down I had difficulties to get all the SLURLs together, so I promissed to add them in my blog asap. So here they are, and a few more links concerning education in Second Life.

The essentials
Official [...]

Let There Be Light!

Mittwoch, Juni 6th, 2007

No Second Life Blog these days would be complete without an entry about WindLight. Scrolling through the SL galleries at Flicks, it looks like at least half of the SL population is spending 14 hours a day now to take picture of every imaginable landscape with every imaginable WindLight setting. It really is the latest [...]

Guinness anyone?

Freitag, Juni 1st, 2007

I went to Dublin today. Dublin in SL, of course. I can remember visisting the place a long, long time ago, no I remembered and came back when I was looking for national/cultural themed places. I not only found an amazing sim, but also a warm welcome by a whole group of friendly people, amongst [...]