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A look at other virtual worlds: Entropia Universe - NOT!

Montag, Dezember 17th, 2007

In my endeavour to visit as many virtual worlds as possible I am sometime hindered by all kind of complications. Entropia Universe turned out to be a major problem, so I decided to tell you what I could find out about it so far and why I couldn’t get you any first hand reports from [...]

The virtual world that started it all

Samstag, Oktober 13th, 2007

Well, at least for me.
Let me apologize before I start, this will be kind of lengthy.
Some time in spring 1998 I came across a website that was offering a free online game, browser based and set in the Star Wars universe. It promissed the option to play your own character in the world of Star [...]

A look at other virtual worlds: Gaia Online

Samstag, Oktober 13th, 2007

There was a threat in one of the IMVU forums that actually directed me to this one. The question was “Do you know other places like IMVU?”. I was surprised how little answers were posted there, it looks a lot like most people select their prefered world for one reason or the other and stick [...]

A look at other virtual worlds: There

Sonntag, August 19th, 2007

“There” is even more peculiar about your hard- and software. Just Windows won’t do. It will only run on IE. Even Firefox will produce a message that this browser is not supported. This alone made me a little sceptical, usually it would be a reason for me to not use “There”. I don’t like it, [...]

A look at other virtual wolds: IMVU

Mittwoch, Juli 25th, 2007

I decided to give other virtual worlds a more systematic look. I started with IMVU, because I know someone who is using it. Now IMVU is less a virtual world than a 3D chat, and it is advertised as this. Yet it shares many features with Second Life. You can buy in game currency, you [...]