My Second Life


Exhibition opening: Ancient Egypt

Sonntag, Mai 31st, 2009

Long time no blogging.
This is a life report from the opening of Jachmes Masala’s new Egyption exhibition that will introduce you to the finds at Gizah. No screenshots yet, sorry, I am on a crappy connectioon and a crappy machine atm, so I can’t take any screenshorts. I will supply some later.
The exhibition is quite [...]

My Own Gallery

Sonntag, März 30th, 2008

I’m back after focussing more on other activities for a while. I now set up my own gallery. Not so much because this is what I always wanted, but more as some kind of birthday gift for a friend. So far she hosts her artwork at Deviant Art ( and it was just so tempting [...]

Education Place of the Day: Star Trek Museum Complex

Montag, Juli 23rd, 2007

There has been a time in my life when I was a devoted trekkie, so I just couldn’t resist this site: The Star Trek Museum Complex. I was very curious what I would find.
The complex houses the Star Trek Museum of Science, Star Trek Museum of Culture and additional installations, e.g. a holodeck. The Museum [...]

Education place of the day: EdTech - Exhibition

Freitag, Juli 20th, 2007

The current exhibition at the EdTech Center for Educational Gaming & Simulations deals with social issues in gaming and simulations. The exhibion consists of various Power Point presentations dealing with topics like identity in virtual realities, skills trained in games, gnere and gaming or gold farming.
A Power Point presentation usually looses a lot if [...]

Education place of the day: Dresden Gallery

Montag, Juli 9th, 2007

This place is really remarkable. It is a completely accurate replica of the art museum at Dresden.
I am very sceptical about the many things that are advertised as the first something in Second Life, but this is probably the first exact replication of a complete real life museum, and a major one in Second Life. [...]