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Second Life Keynote at OOPSLA

Montag, November 12th, 2007

I came across a short blog notice today that I found most interesting and worth mentioning as a little detail on user statistics for Second Life. These are the notes of Michael Stal on the keynote of Jim Purbick (aka Babbage Linden) and Mark Lentczner (aka Zero Linden) at OOPSLA conference.
Keynote on Second Life, Jim [...]

AJAX - the Achille’s heel of OnRez Viewer?

Sonntag, Oktober 28th, 2007

As Matthias Rückel observed (blogpost in German, sorry), Google tools will not work properly. I came across a similar problem with parts of the Star Wars Combine site, where some pages and tools will work fine, others won’t. Which pages and tools worked and which ones didn’t brought me to the conclusion that most likely [...]

OnRez Viewer, First Impression

Mittwoch, Oktober 24th, 2007

I got it!
When you first start up the OnRez Viewer, you will automatically be transported to the CSI Orientation Island. You will be warned that your home location will be changed and that you will have to change it back later. So when you log in, you will not just be introduced to the new [...]

CSI:SL - a new era for SL and television?

Montag, Oktober 22nd, 2007

On Octobre 24th a new episode of CSI:NY will go on air that wills end its audience to Secopnd Life to do soem inevstigation of their own - until the mystery will be solved - on TV again - in February 2008.
What can be expected is a wave of new residents coming in as soon [...]

Interview on

Donnerstag, August 9th, 2007

This is again for those of my readers who can also read German. I gave an interview to that you may enjoy reading.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Mobile clients for Second Life?

Donnerstag, Juli 19th, 2007

The AJAX client made got me interested in alternative clients for Second Life and I was really curious to hear about a mobile client for Second Life. I found few resources regarding mobile clients. Now I have to agree with what someone else already stated: “I’m not sure I need an “immersive” experience on my [...]

SecondLife client for the web, using AJAX

Dienstag, Juli 10th, 2007

Everyone is talking about it by now, but as this is the most amazing, innovative and useful improvement to anything connected with Second Life, I have to write about it as well.
The webbased client allows you to log into your Second Life account, teleport, send and receive IMs and chat. It runs smoothly with Firefox [...]

Presentation video available

Mittwoch, Juli 4th, 2007

Thanks to MrTopf/Tao Takashi, a video recording of my presentation on education in Second Life is now available (still in German, sorry) at his blog site.

Let There Be Light!

Mittwoch, Juni 6th, 2007

No Second Life Blog these days would be complete without an entry about WindLight. Scrolling through the SL galleries at Flicks, it looks like at least half of the SL population is spending 14 hours a day now to take picture of every imaginable landscape with every imaginable WindLight setting. It really is the latest [...]

My First Senate Meeting

Sonntag, Mai 27th, 2007

I finally managed to attend a senate meeting at Roma. The first since I rented a plot in Subura and started to build my own villa. I have no time to participate in any role play, to begin with. I even missed the Lupercalia, but then I had an excuse, as it was at 2 [...]

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