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Pricetag for this page

Donnerstag, Dezember 18th, 2008

Thanks to Veynom’s article on his blog this page now has a price tag:

My site is worth $1781.2.How much is yours worth?

Better communication: HTTP-IN

Donnerstag, Oktober 16th, 2008

I probably mentioned in one or the other blog entry that web to SL and SL to web communication is one of my main interests. So I was clearly delighted to read on Darien Caldwell’s blog that Linden Lab is about to start an open beta to test a new HTTP-IN functionallity. I used XML-RPC [...]

Virtual Worlds Overview

Mittwoch, Juli 23rd, 2008

Kzero published a very nice graph to give an overview over virtual worlds, existing ones and those in development. I seem to vaguely recall seeing something like this a while ago, I will search through my files, if I can still find it and if this is an update or old news presented as [...]

My Very First Machinima

Freitag, Juli 18th, 2008

Making videos in Second Life - I always liked watching them but felt like this might be something I do not have to try myself. But now that I will talk about Second Life at Dragon*Con, I know I better produce some nice videos, for I can’t risk to have nothing to show to people [...]

Fat Elf Project

Mittwoch, Juni 25th, 2008

This actually started as a joke when roleplaying with friends. I like to build SL avatars for my RPG characters. As I am artistically challenged (read: I can’t draw) it is a great way for me to get a better feel for them. But even aside of creating avatars for my RPG characters I much [...]

Second Life Status Display for Your Website

Sonntag, Juni 8th, 2008

As you can see on the right, I added an in world status display to this blog. This way you can easily see, if I am in world or not. Maybe you even like it so much that you will want it for your own website or blog. If you do, you can drop me [...]


Mittwoch, Juni 4th, 2008

This site was hacked two weeks ago. All files were destroyed and I had to set up a new blog and populate it form the (unscratched) database. As a result this blog wa snot available for two weeks and all pictures are missing. I will restore as many of them as possible, but some may [...]

Is this photography?

Montag, Mai 12th, 2008

I always took great pleasure in taking screenshots from Second Life. It was one of the things I enjoyed a lot and spent a good deal of time on when I worked on my book, especially whenever I could go beyond purely illustrative shots that would help to explain the interface.
Since I developed a mild [...]


Freitag, Mai 2nd, 2008

I am sorry for slacking and posting so little in such a long time. Yet I can’t help to see some good in it. It could help to finally proof - to others, not to myself, for I already knew this - that I am not “addicted” to the net, blogging or - most important [...]


Donnerstag, November 15th, 2007

Robbie Dingo uses Second Life to create great machinimas. His “Starry, Starry Night” video has gained some popularity, but now a friend directed me to another one that may be less spectatcular, but I love it the more, because it reflects so many discussions I had in Second Life about the revealing nature of the [...]

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